Drinking with enjoyment, picking with hardship --- Thanks to the rose farmers

Firstly, let's do an arithmetic problem together.

How many rose flowers are needed for an kilo of quality rose corolla tea?

Take Fanglei Rose Corolla Tea as an example:

One flower of rose corolla tea =0.6g

One kilo of rose corolla tea=1000/0.6≈1667 flowers

Only one rose can be picked at a time, so a kilogram of Rose Corolla Tea requires 1667 pickings with hands.

Maybe you know that one kilo of rose corolla tea needs so many fresh flowers. But you may don’t know how many trials and tribulations these labouring hands have endured.


Every flowering season, the rose farmers often need to work under stars and moon. Back baskets are all over the red and green flower fields, skilled hands like elves dancing on the branches, the semi-open roses are picked up and put into the baskets.

Do you think “it's easy to pick flowers. I can do it, too.”? Then you are totally wrong! Picking roses is not only a physical but also a technical job. When picking, the integrity of roses should be maintained to the greatest extent, so as not to affect the appearance of the rose tea. When picking, you can't use scissors, flowers cannot be touched by fingernails, you can't hold them tightly in your hands, and they cannot be pressed in the basket. Only by concentrating on it all the time can they pick every flower qualified.

Year after year, the annual rings crawled over the forehead of the flower growers, and the rough hands were covered with callus. These hands don't seem to match the beautiful roses, but they seem to match perfect well. There is no romance, no idyl, they just aim to retain the fragrance of the roses.


To do simple things repeatedly, to do repetitive things heartedly.  Adhering to the traditional virtue of hardship and endurance, they work hard every day in the rose field, picking roses with their hands to make flower tea. The pleasant fragrance of rose tea is the greatest rewards to them.

They are the silently dedicated rose farmers from Fanglei Rose.

Thank you for your persistent hard work!

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